While Bran and Sansa are my absolute fav’s, I’m the sort of person who thinks that people should really be talking more about how ALL the Starks’ siblings stories (Bran, Arya and Sansa, those that have POVs) are deeply linked, with many, many parallels to each other. Collectively, they’re my favorite meta topic.

What’s interesting is that very few of the parallels work for all three of the siblings at once. For example, while all three take on new mentors after their father’s death, only the sisters’ mentors have evil intent (Bloodraven is a scary dude, but he’s still fightin’ for the good guys). All three identify with animals but differently: Bran and Arya think of themselves as wolves, while both Bran and Sansa both long to be like birds and fly, at one point or another.

Taken altogether, however, these parallels bridge the far divide between the crumbling civilization of the South, and primordial wildness of the North; between animal and man; between deep magic and the ordinary, between ice and fire.

(Note: This work is basically a huge compiliation of all the meta written by others: namely: Donewithwoodenteeth, ladysmallwood, joannalannister and nobodysuspectsthebutterfly. If you want to check out meta on these themes in more detail, you check out their pages. The only thing I’ve done is compile it all together to make my own meta-meta [ha!] conclusion).